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About US

Conscious Student Welfare Foundation (CSWF), a student welfare organization of Jagannath University.This Journey started in 2007 with the ultimate goal of nurturing unprivileged & brilliant students building skilled human resources.

In the course of time, CSWF has gained a reputation for their Student welfare and human welfare activities among the students of the University of Jagannath and its adjacent areas. CSWF is making every effort to promote a society inspired with patriotism. Which will be further flourishing in future with your kind co-operation, we believe.

Activities of CSWF:


  • Monthly, Yearly and Periodic stipends to un-advanced and talented students.
  • Admission assistance and Accommodation management.
  • Different activities such as regular Quran and Hadith teaching, establishing Islamic literature based library, research are performed for the Development of Islamic morality and ethics.
  • Cultural activities based on Islam.
  • Regular literature, magazine and necessary publications are distributed preaching Islamic knowledge.
  • Literacy campaign, different competition, educational tools and food distribution among the unprivileged childrens of Jagannath university surroundings.
  • To encourage students and develop their talents different programs such as career counseling, speaking, language proficiency, soft skill development initiates, brain storming & unleashing opportunities are arranged by CSWF.
  • Celebration of National and International days by different social activities.
  • Providing relief and cash support to people affected by natural disaster and humanitarian.


Yearly (2019) Budget proposal:


01Monthly stipends among 150 unprivileged and talented students (150*500*12)9,00,000/-
02Periodic assistance to 200 students (200*1000)2,00,000/-
03University admission assistance to 100 students (100*1500)1,50,000/-
04Assisting 50 students in their semester fee (50*2,000)1,00,000/-
05Educational tools distribution1,00,000/-
06Quran, hadith and Islamic literature distribution1,00,000/-
07Enrichment of Islamic library1,75,000/-
08Assisting unprivileged people1,00,000/-
09Eid gifts and winter cloth distribution1,00,000/-
10Free medical camp75,000/-
 Total: (In words:- Twenty lac only)20,00,000/-


Board of Directors:


  • Chariman:


Professor Abu Yousuf, Ex Dean, Science Faculty. , Jagannath University, Dhaka


  • Vice Chairman:


Md. Sahjahan Madbor


  • Director:


Sazzad Hossain





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